Racial Harassment

We represent employees who have been subjected to racial harassment in the workplace.  Racial harassment occurs when an employee is subjected to a hostile work environment on the basis of his or her race.  For example, a racially based hostile work environment can include the use of racial slurs, racially insensitive or racially degrading comments, and racially offensive symbols or photographs in the workplace.

Racial harassment on the job is not acceptable, nor is it lawful.  Your employer has certain obligations under the law to see that employees are not subjected to a racially based hostile work environment.  If your employer is aware of racial harassment and fails to respond appropriately and effectively, your employer may potentially be liable under the law.

Not every inappropriate comment or incident at work is sufficient to give rise to a racial harassment claim as defined under the law.  Therefore, if you believe have been subjected to racial harassment on the job, you need to have your employment matter reviewed by an attorney.  Contact us immediately to schedule a consultation to learn more about your rights.